The Right Choice

What is the mother’s choice? It’s not always the best choice, is it? But for the love of our children it aught to be and we all know that deep down. We all agree that a mother should make the best choices if they can. And that’s why I like to call the best choice the “mother’s choice”.

When we decide to have kids, we make a choice. Then we decide what color the babies clothes will be. We make a choice about what to call our children. Being a mother is all about choices, and when a mother chooses the best, the whole world is impacted.

Generation after generation, the world is just made of of mother’s good choices. 

Mothers with Stone Masonry Dads of Ottawa

Here at Mothers Choice Birth we take the role of being a mother very seriously in our model. That’s why we’re pleased to be friends with Stone Masonry Dads of Ottawa, because they too take their parenting role to the heart of their business. They may be burly stone masons and bricklayers making a hard living by stacking rocks and repairing masonry, but they’re also soft and loving fathers who wish to teach their growing sons about the trade.

We have a similar joke because we sometimes say that in another decade our blog will be called Mothers and Daughters Choice Birth and these guys think in a few decades their company will be called Stone Masonry Dads and Sons of Ottawa. This is because as our offspring get older and we get too old that they’ll take over our legacies. For me, my hope is that my daughter will continue this blog after I’m gone. For the masons in Ottawa it’s their hope that their sons will continue to supply the community with stone masonry services.

One of the dads on the masonry crew in Ottawa is a single dad which is very impressive. But then again if a single mother can take care of a house then who am I to say a single dad can’t have a masonry career? I really respect this because anyone in Ottawa who wants masonry service can also support single dads. It’s great.


When I chose to put “Mothers” in the title of my blog it was because I thought it would make my blog have more authority because people expect mothers to know a lot about giving birth. For the Masonry Dads they said it’s similar but they wanted “Dads” in the title of their business because they wanted their clients to know who they’re doing business with before they even call them. But I also think having “Dads” in their title also gives them more authority because the iconic, ideal dad in everyone’s imagination should know at least a little something about how to build rock walls and the like. Am I right?

And by the way if you need masonry Ottawa service you can call these hard-working dads at (613) 707-1130.

All in all, it’s so neat to find family businesses that are proud of being small family businesses because most companies are just our there dreaming of being the next big corporation. When a business puts its small family roots in the forefront, it guarantees that this business will be a small family run business for many generations to come, so long as the sons and daughters who take over it in each generation continue to cherish those family principles and practices.

Thanks for exploring this topic with us today. We hope 2021 is treating you great so far.

Happy New Years to All Single Mothers!

If any two people need an extra New Years cheer it’s small business owners and single mothers. Maybe you had a baby this year. Congratulations to you. You’re a beautiful mother and if the world knew how much they needed mothers like you then we’d all be wishing you the best that 2021 has to offer.

I hope 2021 is a blessing for your child or children. I hope solutions come to you whenever you need them, and that you find it easy to keep your chin up. Being a single mother is hard but you don’t need to make it more difficult with negativity.

Once again Happy New Years to all single mothers out there in the world. We’re thinking of you at Mothers’ Choice Births and wish you the best.

Being Cautious of the Energy of Music Babies Listen To

I’ve been developing a theory about why some babies are more angry than others, and while talking with many mothers where I live I’ve noticed that mothers who tend to listen to a lot of angry music like metal and rap tend to have less behaved babies generally compared to mothers who often play happy music like classical and funk.

This is fascinating for me because I’ve always wondered why my best friend’s three children all developed a habit of being positive all the time and each one developed an interest for enjoying different kinds of happy music. They’re all teenagers now, three boys. One of them likes ancient Chinese music, one likes disco and the other likes conscious hip hop from the ’90s. I think this is all because while they were babies they were only ever introduced to music with positive energy and therefore music with negative energy seems off to them naturally. Even the teenagers themselves can’t explain why they can’t stand negative music, but I think they liked my theory. I wouldn’t be explaining this on my blog if I didn’t think there was merit to this.

I’ll continue to recommend this advice of only regulating the energy of music your baby hears until I find a science article that says what all the others don’t say: positive music is bad for growth. Music does a lot to shape the attitudes of countercultures. If it can do that, I think it can affect the mental habits of a baby who’s conscious mind is still yet unable to block vibes from the subconscious.

Anyways, these were my thoughts and I hope you found them interesting! I have another post related to music and babies if you’re curious.

Mothers Taking Care of the House, Roof Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning

When there’s a baby in the house, it’s more important to take care of things. Keeping things clean is crucial for health of both body and mind. Raising babies in a clean environment will ingrain the habit of keeping things clean for them and when they’re older they won’t be able to stand having things dirty, which is a good thing!

We owe it to our kids to maintain kitchen cleanliness, bathroom cleanliness, as well as the cleanliness of all the other things we don’t usually think of like the gutters, the roof shingles, the windows, the carpets, and, yes, the ceilings!

So it’s no wonder why stressed mothers love to clean. Having things clean feels great! So for all those things we don’t usually think of, what’s good advice for keeping them clean?

Tips for roof cleaning:

If you don’t have the means or the time to get a ladder and clean your own roof, and if you’re a mother and your partner is too busy, too, then consider hiring professionals to clean your roof. My friend in Victoria BC, for example, highly recommends for all roof, gutter and window cleaning services. Hiring professionals can be more affordable than one might expect. And this is something you don’t want to neglect, as not removing moss from your roof or leaves from your gutters can cause serious problems to your house down the road.

Tips for carpet cleaning:

Here at Mothers Choice Birth we love giving advice to mothers who need it. Unless you have a carpet cleaning machine around the house, using other means on your own just won’t do. Unless you want to, there’s no reason to use a rag to clean the carpet. So once again we recommend you get some professional help to keep your carpets nice and clean around the house.

And just like for roof cleaning, there’s always a chance to ask around for help. Maybe an uncle is willing to clean your roof, or maybe a neighbor has a carpet cleaner you can borrow. So ask around for help before you spend money hiring professionals!

house cleaning service

If you’re worried about your kids getting their new school clothes ready, then there isn’t a better excuse to clean like mad! Mothers cleaning the house is a beautiful thing, and when you have spare time, a glass of wine, some good music, there isn’t a more fun thing to do.

We’d love to share cleaning tips for mothers that you might have. Feel free to contact us and share and have the chance to be featured in your own blog post. But we recommend using the time it takes to email us to clean if your house really needs it. We all don’t have a lot of time, and we don’t wish to use yours. So just know the importance of a clean house for raising children and know that if your house is clean there’s one more reason why everyone should be calling you a great mother! 

Being Ready to Be a Parent

If you have power over this very important choice, you should use it wisely. Not everyone is ready to be a good parent. For example a newly married couple with no savings and partying habits may not be as ready as a couple who’s been married for three years, has a savings and also knows what it takes to raise a baby.

I’ve watched some people who didn’t have power over this choice. They would have said openly they weren’t ready if the choice was there’s, but it was too late. The baby was here and they did what they had to do to be the best parents they could be. But stress built up and they couldn’t handle it. So if you know for a fact that you’re very far from ready then maybe you should wait until you are ready. Continue reading “Being Ready to Be a Parent”

Different Strategies To Put The Baby To Sleep

All you new parents may be currently experiencing or about to experience how difficult it really can be to put your baby to sleep. You’re also about to experience the beautiful feeling and sound of the baby finally snoozing, after intense emotions of frustration and headaches. I’m about to make you a list of common and unique methods I have used and had success with to put my baby to sleep.

Before I get into it, I know I’ve emphasized this in a few of my posts, like in how to survive the no sleep phase. I just find it’s one of the most important things: SLEEP WHEN YOUR BABY SLEEPS.

Switch up your technique, especially in the middle of the night

Often when you stick to the same method, eventually you may find it not working anymore, as they get use to whatever your doing. I have experienced this first hand, as well as many people before me. Research different techniques such as the ones I am going to provide, and have different tricks up your sleeve for if something isn’t going as planned.

Play soft guitar

guitarMaybe this is just mine, but I randomly picked it up one day as an experiment, and my 5 month old at the time absolutely loved it. I started using simple chords to stop his crying, and to put him to sleep. It worked like a charm until guess what? I overused it and became less effective. I’m not saying this is going to work for everyone as every baby is different, but keep it in mind and it may do wonders for you, just don’t overdo it!

There’s rumors that say your baby should be in complete silence while it falls asleep, and that he/she won’t be able to tolerate noise when they’re older if they constantly fall asleep with noise in the background. I don’t really think that’s entirely accurate though. I haven’t seen any evidence to prove that, also in the moment you probably won’t care; anything to get the baby to sleep.

Create a routine

routineMaking sure your baby sleeps at the same time every day and night is key. Even if he/she is tired, fight through it and keep your baby awake until their time to sleep has arrived. In the long run this will reward them with good sleep patterns when they’re older, as well as keep it as easy as it can be for you.

Heck, you might even be able to create a routine for yourself if you can get this one right, imagine that! P.s prepare to have absolutely little to no sleep schedule for at least the first 9 months.

Learn your baby’s behaviour when they’re tired

baby-yawnThe baby will likely show some signs of it being time for sleep; that you will be able to identify. Keep an eye out for things such as: Eye rubbing, certain noises, maybe even laughing a lot. They will likely develop certain patterns that you can use to your advantage.

Create Motion

holding-a-babyIn the beginning it will be easy, as you can just go about your day and your baby will fall asleep to your motions, but as they get older it doesn’t quite work like that. They kick and scream and start figuring out how to move and cause trouble. Try rocking your baby or creating some kind of motion that may be soothing to them, you’ll be surprised to find out what your baby likes. Mine personally enjoyed the classic rocking back and forth, as well as a very light shake.

I would bring my son to his room, slowly rock back and forth while playing a lion king soundtrack. That was one of my routines that worked really well, and a little bonus was I actually really enjoy the lion king track, unlike most baby tunes.


I got lots more where that came from, if you need information and can’t wait for me to post it, feel free to contact us and either me or my wife will help you out the best we can.

More Insight To Feed You


I want everyone who reads my articles to meet Zo, one of my best friends. That is a picture of him above, that handsome devil. Zo is a great guy, he really inspired me with his extremely busy life style. The guy has 2 kids, a wife, runs a window cleaning company and somehow fits in the time to talk to me on the phone once a week.

Zo has basically been my anchor during my entire phase of transitioning into a dad, and a lot of the advice I offer on here stems from him. Continue reading “More Insight To Feed You”

It Takes Time

baby-on-the-wayI always knew before becoming a father that it would take me longer than the mom to really connect with our child. Of course transitioning from a regular guy to a father changes you; there’s no question about that, but I’ve realized after actually doing it that it’s not an instant thing. Not all but most fathers change over the course of a year or two. In the beginning you don’t really relate to the baby, and you’re still not really use to the fact that you can call yourself a dad. Things start really sinking in after you’ve spent thousands of hours caring for your newborn.

Before your child is born, you may feel a sense of worry, panic and anxiety – this is totally normal and you can expect to feel this way. It’s almost weird if you don’t feel any of these emotions actually because you really don’t know what’s coming. Know that when your baby comes out, you and your spouses emotions are going to be very high, and all of those negative feelings are going to go right out the window. All you’ll be able to think about is how lucky you are to have what you have; it’s truly a beautiful feeling. 

Will I be able to efficiently take care of my child?

I spend a lot of time on this blog trying to emphasize the fact that most parents are harder on themselves than necessary. I want to ease your mind so that you can spend that energy looking after your child, instead of worrying. This is a question almost every parent asks themselves at one point or another. You can use my posts as a way of feeling comfortable, yes, you are going to do great. You will make mistakes, and their will be hardships, but remember that just even the fact that you’re online finding information like this means you care, and you won’t be a bad parent. I do recommend you take some kind of parenting classes so you are properly educated, just don’t beat yourself up over the emotions your feeling, everyone goes through it.

Mistakes New Parents Make Frequently

sunsetAll parents make mistakes. Whether your brand new to parenting, or your on number 5; it’s inevitable that you’re going to get frustrated and make irrational decisions. The truth is there is no formula to being a parent, but people tend to compare themselves to what they believe is an expert caregiver. You should absolutely take advice from others with experience, but if you want your child to have a unique upbringing it’s going to come from being yourself and not trying to be perfect all the time. Here are some very common mistakes I see happening frequently:

(It’s okay to make mistakes) Continue reading “Mistakes New Parents Make Frequently”