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I want everyone who reads my articles to meet Zo, one of my best friends. That is a picture of him above, that handsome devil. Zo is a great guy, he really inspired me with his extremely busy life style. The guy has 2 kids, a wife, runs a window cleaning company and somehow fits in the time to talk to me on the phone once a week.

Zo has basically been my anchor during my entire phase of transitioning into a dad, and a lot of the advice I offer on here stems from him.

Utilize You’re Experienced Friend’s Advice

friendshipNow I do emphasize all throughout my blog that you need to create your own style with parenting, and use your gut instinct to do what’s right. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to what other people have to say though. My main point in that is to keep you from listening to everyone else, which I still do believe. Listen to those that you believe in; for example your mother if you feel she raised you well, or your best friend who seems to have a successful family. When I say utilize you’re experienced friend’s advice, I mean listen to people who are where you want to be, not those who aren’t where you want to be.

Zo is exactly where I want to be, with his business I mean. To be honest I’ve always wanted to start a window cleaning company as I worked for one when I was young. For 7 years I spent about 10 hours on the weekend cleaning windows, gutters, moss and a few other things. It’s the kind of business that requires minimal expenses to get started, and you don’t have much to lose when it’s slow; besides no income of course.

But you know, you have to make sacrifices when you have a family. I know that sounds scary, don’t be scared though. Before my child was born I was always afraid I was going to miss out on experiences, lose memories, etc. It turns out that raising a child is one of the greatest experiences one can possibly encounter, which I’m sure all you mum’s and dad’s understand. Sure, a child may take away from your travel, your freedom and your life, but man do I ever NOT care that I didn’t get to do those things that every other 20 year old does; go out and party.

When I think about it, these are the thing’s my friends did when they were 20:

  • Go to music Festivals (I went to one)
  • Go to bars and drink
  • Get depressed about god knows what

Maybe I’m just a little pessimistic, but that’s my view. I don’t really need to be a part of that circle, and I’m not saying that they don’t have a great time while achieving those things I mentioned, but that’s what the result is. 10 years from your 20’s, you really won’t care what happened. The truth is, what came of those years? What do you have to show for it? my 10 year old son is certainly something I will proudly be able to show I’ll tell ya that.

All done for today, hopefully my not so modest thoughts can help you better about your son/daughter. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see ya next time!


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