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baby-boy-setI am adopted. My parents are very kind and caring people, and I am still in contact with them today, and always have been. Basically my parents were 18 years old when I was born and they didn’t feel that they were fit to take on the responsibility once I was actually present. I was understanding growing up, never held any resentment or anything, and I know that people are young and stupid sometimes… Having said that, I wanted to come on here to try and drill into the younger bunch who choose to follow this blog to not only wear a condom… But make sure you are ready for the decision to have a child before you go and do it. I’ve seen too many poor decisions when it comes to this topic and it’s not something to take lightly. No the sky isn’t falling if you make a poor decision, but man are you impacting not only yourself but the people around you, likely people you care about the most.

Please, people, think before you act.

I know that when I made the decision to have kids; I was secured in my career, I was and still am with the woman I could see myself working with for the rest of our lives (whether together or not.) By the way, sorry to go off topic here but I do believe I will be with my wife forever, the only reason I say that is because I know anything can happen; she could get transferred to New Zealand for work, I could get hit by a bus, anything honestly. Anyways back on topic, I was 100% sure I was ready to be the dad I was obligated to be, maybe not experience wise, but that comes with you know.. experience. My head was in the game and I knew I’d be sticking by it, giving it my all, and that is what you need to be a good parent.

Having said that I did learn from my biological parents mistakes. I grew up knowing I wouldn’t do the same thing. Again, no resentment or anything, how could I possibly be mad about being born, hahah. In fact that is probably a determining factor as to why I am so passionate about raising children properly, as you can probably tell if you’ve been following my blog. I’ve seen parents besides myself observe their mom and dad’s weaknesses and either replicate them, or make sure they do exactly the opposite, and that area of their parenting becomes stronger.

I hope to see teenagers/young adults growing up learning from our generations mistakes and doing exactly what I wrote about above. Note that if you actually care about your children you will do whatever you can to maximize their quality of life. That doesn’t mean spoil them, it means create a positive, safe environment for them to grow up in. It also really sucks when you have to give up your children, I see it in my biological parents eyes.

Luckily the couple that raised me were close friends of theirs, and were able to keep us in contact. I am forever grateful for them, and do still consider them my parents, though they aren’t blood.

 Baby Girl Setbaby-girl-set

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