Being Cautious of the Energy of Music Babies Listen To

babies and positive music vs negative music

I’ve been developing a theory about why some babies are more angry than others, and while talking with many mothers where I live I’ve noticed that mothers who tend to listen to a lot of angry music like metal and rap tend to have less behaved babies generally compared to mothers who often play happy music like classical and funk.

This is fascinating for me because I’ve always wondered why my best friend’s three children all developed a habit of being positive all the time and each one developed an interest for enjoying different kinds of happy music. They’re all teenagers now, three boys. One of them likes ancient Chinese music, one likes disco and the other likes conscious hip hop from the ’90s. I think this is all because while they were babies they were only ever introduced to music with positive energy and therefore music with negative energy seems off to them naturally. Even the teenagers themselves can’t explain why they can’t stand negative music, but I think they liked my theory. I wouldn’t be explaining this on my blog if I didn’t think there was merit to this.

I’ll continue to recommend this advice of only regulating the energy of music your baby hears until I find a science article that says what all the others don’t say: positive music is bad for growth. Music does a lot to shape the attitudes of countercultures. If it can do that, I think it can affect the mental habits of a baby who’s conscious mind is still yet unable to block vibes from the subconscious.

Anyways, these were my thoughts and I hope you found them interesting! I have another post related to music and babies if you’re curious.

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