Different Strategies To Put The Baby To Sleep

All you new parents may be currently experiencing or about to experience how difficult it really can be to put your baby to sleep. You’re also about to experience the beautiful feeling and sound of the baby finally snoozing, after intense emotions of frustration and headaches. I’m about to make you a list of common and unique methods I have used and had success with to put my baby to sleep.

Before I get into it, I know I’ve emphasized this in a few of my posts, like in how to survive the no sleep phase. I just find it’s one of the most important things: SLEEP WHEN YOUR BABY SLEEPS.

Switch up your technique, especially in the middle of the night

Often when you stick to the same method, eventually you may find it not working anymore, as they get use to whatever your doing. I have experienced this first hand, as well as many people before me. Research different techniques such as the ones I am going to provide, and have different tricks up your sleeve for if something isn’t going as planned.

Play soft guitar

guitarMaybe this is just mine, but I randomly picked it up one day as an experiment, and my 5 month old at the time absolutely loved it. I started using simple chords to stop his crying, and to put him to sleep. It worked like a charm until guess what? I overused it and became less effective. I’m not saying this is going to work for everyone as every baby is different, but keep it in mind and it may do wonders for you, just don’t overdo it!

There’s rumors that say your baby should be in complete silence while it falls asleep, and that he/she won’t be able to tolerate noise when they’re older if they constantly fall asleep with noise in the background. I don’t really think that’s entirely accurate though. I haven’t seen any evidence to prove that, also in the moment you probably won’t care; anything to get the baby to sleep.

Create a routine

routineMaking sure your baby sleeps at the same time every day and night is key. Even if he/she is tired, fight through it and keep your baby awake until their time to sleep has arrived. In the long run this will reward them with good sleep patterns when they’re older, as well as keep it as easy as it can be for you.

Heck, you might even be able to create a routine for yourself if you can get this one right, imagine that! P.s prepare to have absolutely little to no sleep schedule for at least the first 9 months.

Learn your baby’s behaviour when they’re tired

baby-yawnThe baby will likely show some signs of it being time for sleep; that you will be able to identify. Keep an eye out for things such as: Eye rubbing, certain noises, maybe even laughing a lot. They will likely develop certain patterns that you can use to your advantage.

Create Motion

holding-a-babyIn the beginning it will be easy, as you can just go about your day and your baby will fall asleep to your motions, but as they get older it doesn’t quite work like that. They kick and scream and start figuring out how to move and cause trouble. Try rocking your baby or creating some kind of motion that may be soothing to them, you’ll be surprised to find out what your baby likes. Mine personally enjoyed the classic rocking back and forth, as well as a very light shake.

I would bring my son to his room, slowly rock back and forth while playing a lion king soundtrack. That was one of my routines that worked really well, and a little bonus was I actually really enjoy the lion king track, unlike most baby tunes.


I got lots more where that came from, if you need information and can’t wait for me to post it, feel free to contact us and either me or my wife will help you out the best we can.

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