Food Allergies

A food allergy occurs when your immune system reacts poorly to a certain organism and the chemical imbalance causes a reaction of some kind. Whether the reaction is minor or major, food allergies should be taken very seriously and I advise every parent to do their research.


Peanut butter’s good for you, feed it to your children if they can eat it, but keep it at home as the risks can be quite high.

Handling a Food Allergy

Your family doctor should have instructions for you, don’t take food allergies lightly though, make sure before your child is actually born you educate yourself on:

  • Food allergy basics
  • Being in public with food allergies
  • Talking to your children about food allergies
  • Accepting whatever you are dealt, because there’s no changing it and that’s okay

The main thing is to make sure you know what your child is allergic to, and isolating them from that item. Also making sure you know other children’s allergies and being positive that everyone is aware of your child’s allergy.

E-mail me if you have any questions about your child specifically and need a little bit of guidance with this subject.

How About Us?

We are fortunate enough to have children that are allergy free. Lots of parents have to be extremely careful as food allergies at a young age can be very harmful if they come in contact with their said allergy, and they don’t even have to eat it. I’ve heard of deathly allergies to nuts amongst children, so allergic that they can’t even go near them. We are told when our children start school that if there is a child in the same class as one of our other children, we are restricted from sending our children with peanuts or peanut butter, because some children and even adults can be deathly allergic.

Everyone is affected by allergies, whether they have them, a family member has them, or even if nobody you know has an allergy. You should be cautious when your out in public, especially with nuts and peanut butter. It drives me crazy when I see someone on the bus eating a peanut butter and jam sandwich. People need to be better educated on the matter and take it a lot more serious, I believe there should actually be laws against it. I know that sounds crazy, but peoples lives are at stake man, don’t be so inconsiderate.

Where can I find information on food allergies?

Visit: and you will learn a lot. They have everything from minor to major and full grown adult to newborn. They have information on diagnosing and testing, as well as symptoms to expect from food allergies. Once again, please don’t take it lightly!


Keep your baby healthy and happy!

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