My Children Are Crazy

Today I’m going to rant about my kids a little bit, not in a bad way; I just feel like doing a little bit of story telling. I would like to hear some of your stories too, so feel free to post comments on our blog.

My wife was playing NHL 2015 today (yes, she plays video games, she’s the perfect wife.) Caleb, my one and a half year old crawls over to her PlayStation, presses the off button laughing while he does it, and just stares at her with this maniacal grin. I know he didn’t mean anything by it but WOW! Kids amaze me every day, and I learn more then I could ever imagine from them. I learned today that even at that age with the purest intentions, they still test their boundaries, trying to figure out what is okay, and what isn’t.

My wife laughed and walked away, which I actually wasn’t okay with because I want my children to know what is okay and what isn’t. So I was stern with him, not mean of course, I just had to let him know he has to respect people’s boundaries. You have to be assertive as a parent. Depending on how you want to raise your kids you can let some things slide but if you never let them know, they never will understand and will grow up thinking they can get away with anything. They get smarter too just so you know, so always watch your back!

Almost identical to Caleb

This toddler looks almost identical to Caleb, it’s almost creepy how similar he is to this little guy… Though this little one is a dressed a bit more ‘dapper’. 

Try to keep them distracted, if you let them run free they will get up to something that isn’t okay. They also put weird things in their mouth so watch for that too.

My other little one; Mindy, she is a lot more calm. We were very lucky raising her as a baby because their was minimal screaming, less middle of the night wake ups and more fun times than not. Raising any child is always difficult but I must say; shes made it pretty darn easy.

These two will grow up to be fantastic human beings, I can already tell Caleb is going to love music, and Mindy likes to help people. Little observations when they’re young can be fun, I like to create theories about my kids futures and see how accurate I am.

I cannot wait for their futures, it is exhilarating being a parent, I’m sure all you first time parents feel the same. Watching them grow into their own unique personalities brings me everything I need in life.

My biggest suggestion:

Let them utilize their imagination, and always encourage creativity! 

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