Common Issues/Objections & Overcoming Them

When I first started blogging, I had a lot of traffic coming to my sites and it got overwhelming. People started expecting things from me, the one on one interactions with people although I quite enjoy it, it just became too much for me, so I apologized and told everyone I was too busy and shut them down. Now I’ve got a second wind and am trying to re-instate myself with the public. My wife is here helping me answer some questions as well as being a part of some of my blogs. All of my hobbies, interests and responsibilities are kind of all in one place so everything flows a lot more naturally now. I will re-iterate now that if anyone has any questions  or are looking for advice, definitely contact us.

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Welcoming All New Parents And Caregivers


I wanted to create a place for anyone preparing for childbirth or anyone inexperienced in parenting to come to and not only learn, but hear what others have to share with the world. Having raised 2 kids myself, I certainly started off in a place where I was looking for exactly what I envision this blog turning into. I encourage any parents to share your experiences and knowledge here. We love talking about our kids, and what they did, so go right ahead and rant, educate the generation that will one day be taking care of us. I would appreciate if you used this blog for educational purposes, please don’t try to sell anything on here. I will be on here lot’s sharing my experiences and advice. I don’t expect anyone to abide by my beliefs I am only sharing these things because I believe it could ease some minds, and possibly help some people out there requiring assistance.

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