Paid A Visit To My Best Friend This Week

If you read the page Our Story, you know I’m all about helping new mothers and fathers, this weekend was quite an eye opener for me because I saw a family that’s very similar to mine; part of their influence came from the same place. I’ve been doing a bit of travelling lately, and I decided to pay a visit to my hometown. I stayed with my best friend from high school, his girlfriend and their 8 month old son. It was great to catch up. He knew of my family and I knew of his but we hadn’t been properly introduced, so this was a nice weekend and a good opportunity to get to know each other.

Vancouver Island

The trip was completely packed with adventures. We spent just about every day at a beach, hiking mountains and visiting the many tourist attractions they have on Vancouver Island. These two that I visited; Taylor And Steph live in Nanaimo B.C, but we went to Victoria, as well as Tofino.

taylor-and-stephThis is a picture of those two in tofino, I’m so proud of them.

Tofino has got to be hands down the most beautiful place on earth; it’s got a very nice and calming vibe to it. We stayed in a cabin on Long Beach to start the trip, then we went all the way down to Victoria, what a beautiful place. We did some whale watching and mountain hiking on numerous mountains, tuckered ourselves right out. After our last hike we went back to Nanaimo and spent some time with Taylor’s relatives. Taylor told me all about his new company called: Tree Service Nanaimo – his words were “yes it’s been a lot of work, but man is the money nice.” This summer he was making close to $15,000 a month in profit, which makes me really happy because he has been worried about money his whole life, so it’s awesome to see him doing well.

We collaborated on how we are raising our children. It was a very interesting realization that not only did we share similar methods and beliefs of raising our kids, but we took similar paths when it comes to how we came about becoming parents; neither of us expected it to happen. The difference was Taylor had actually moved to Fort McMurray a while back, found his new love, and moved back to his hometown. I found my partner in Grande Prairie; which is actually very close to Fort McMurray, but we decided to move elsewhere and do some travelling.  

One thing that did catch my attention after recapping our trip; both parties children were very drawn to technology. Whether it was their Gameboy, my laptop, my cellphone games, when they weren’t distracted by something they were always drawn to video games. Now I am not really against technology, I think it’s actually changing the way humans relate to each other. If I could offer any value in this post, I have to say that I do think it is very crucial to limit your children’s use of technology especially at a young age, lets add some variety into their lives! Violent video games wire a more violent mind in a child, so please, just be careful.

I had to talk about my visit, because it was very special to all of us. We actually got home about 2 hours ago and I must say I’m not overly excited to go back to work tomorrow! Gotta do whatcha gotta do though…


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