Mothers with Stone Masonry Dads of Ottawa

Here at Mothers Choice Birth we take the role of being a mother very seriously in our model. That’s why we’re pleased to be friends with Stone Masonry Dads of Ottawa, because they too take their parenting role to the heart of their business. They may be burly stone masons and bricklayers making a hard living by stacking rocks and repairing masonry, but they’re also soft and loving fathers who wish to teach their growing sons about the trade.

We have a similar joke because we sometimes say that in another decade our blog will be called Mothers and Daughters Choice Birth and these guys think in a few decades their company will be called Stone Masonry Dads and Sons of Ottawa. This is because as our offspring get older and we get too old that they’ll take over our legacies. For me, my hope is that my daughter will continue this blog after I’m gone. For the masons in Ottawa it’s their hope that their sons will continue to supply the community with stone masonry services.

One of the dads on the masonry crew in Ottawa is a single dad which is very impressive. But then again if a single mother can take care of a house then who am I to say a single dad can’t have a masonry career? I really respect this because anyone in Ottawa who wants masonry service can also support single dads. It’s great.


When I chose to put “Mothers” in the title of my blog it was because I thought it would make my blog have more authority because people expect mothers to know a lot about giving birth. For the Masonry Dads they said it’s similar but they wanted “Dads” in the title of their business because they wanted their clients to know who they’re doing business with before they even call them. But I also think having “Dads” in their title also gives them more authority because the iconic, ideal dad in everyone’s imagination should know at least a little something about how to build rock walls and the like. Am I right?

And by the way if you need masonry Ottawa service you can call these hard-working dads at (613) 707-1130.

All in all, it’s so neat to find family businesses that are proud of being small family businesses because most companies are just our there dreaming of being the next big corporation. When a business puts its small family roots in the forefront, it guarantees that this business will be a small family run business for many generations to come, so long as the sons and daughters who take over it in each generation continue to cherish those family principles and practices.

Thanks for exploring this topic with us today. We hope 2021 is treating you great so far.