cute-childHey guys, I’m glad to get on here and add to my foundation of articles, if you like what you’ve read feel free to contact us, or leave a comment letting me know I’m awesome. I got my children’s vaccinations today, and this has been on my mind:

vaccinationI’ve heard a ton of controversy lately about vaccinating your child. These debates have been going on for hundreds of years, but as the population grows more and more people start looking into things like this, and it’s scary. A lot of people will read something on the internet one time and instantly believe it. Then with subjects like these they come up with theories like “Vaccinating your children is a scam for money,” or something like that. They feel empowered all of a sudden to share their new found knowledge with the rest of the world and act like they are some all-knowing entity. I don’t really know the facts in depth as to whether or not vaccines are very effective or not, but I definitely believe you should be vaccinating your child.

I’m sorry to all those who disagree; but I’m going to side with the 99% of certified scientists that all agree with vaccinations. I’ve seen people throwing stats out there such as: There is more Dementia and Autism in children today, and they staple “a pattern within the rise of vaccination.” This is absolutely ridiculous to me, but I’m not here to bash anyone’s opinions. However, I do want to say:

PLEASE get your kids vaccinated. It’s not hard, really do your research and it will free your mind from thinking vaccinations are going to cause harm to your child. If you’re worried about the small financial investment you have to make towards your kids health; there’s often lots of support at your local doctors office, or they can point you in the right direction. I don’t judge any parents for not vaccinating their children, as I understand what they’re thinking, but I do keep my children away from theirs, because I am one to take pre-cautions.

As far as vaccinations being a money grab; I can’t say you’re wrong, as I’m not educated enough. I do believe however if more people were to support the cause and see what comes of it instead of trying to come up with a reason not to spend a little bit of money; we could decipher it a little better and see what really comes of vaccinations. People are working off stats that are way too vague, and making judgments that conflict with themselves. If every kid in the world was vaccinated next year; we would be provided with a lot more stats to work with. Was there a decrease in illness? Did any mental illnesses develop?

What is really causing the controversy? 

I think one of the biggest issues within this topic is the misconception that vaccinations are suppose to be 100%, and that they’re said to protect you no matter what. The truth is; vaccination has been a studied project for hundreds of years and has made progressive success in preventing certain illnesses in children and adults. It is not perfect as viruses mutate and cannot currently be combated in every form it mutates to. The problem is when this occurs people feel ‘ripped off’ and less inclined to believe in the product and more driven to question it; which on the other hand I certainly do believe you should question it and make your own theories based on what you see. Just make sure you educate yourself and do realize that no, it’s not a coincidence that areas of the world that have made more of an effort to boycott vaccination have had more occurrences of preventable diseases.

In conclusion; if you’re a good parent I do believe you should do your research on the topic before refusing to vaccinate your child. I’m not going to say you are a bad parent if you don’t choose to, but what statistics are saying is that vaccinating your children will reduce the risk of major illness, and there’s a whole lot more stats backing that up then there is saying that vaccinations cause any kind of mental illness.

That’s my little rant for the day, feel free to comment if you have some input to give!

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